Computer Services


Computer Maintenance

We return Windows and Mac based computers to peak performance. Every computer receives a thorough initial cleanup, performed on-site by a professional IT specialist. The performance of each computer is constantly monitored and maintained. After the first visit, all of the work can be performed remotely.


Antivirus Protection

Every computer is meticulously reviewed for viruses and other malware, and is cleaned if required. Then, every computer is monitored and protected from viruses and spyware. Any indication of decreasing computer performance or potential infection is automatically reported, and leads to an immediate sweep of the affected machine.

Data Backup

A damaged computer may be easily replaced, lost data however can lead to significant costs, and may even put your company at risk.
With our advanced Online Backup system, you will never lose a single file again. Ever.
Our Online Backup System includes:

  • Backup Space: Unlimited
  • Versioning: 30 last versions of each file

Data Recovery

Has your computer ever crashed, and have you lost important files, great music or precious photos? Were you told that the hard drive was wiped out, and data could not be recovered? All is not lost! Give us a try, we are specialists in Data Recovery.